Premico 60 years, 60 things

Premico’s story began 60 years ago. We’ve assembled the following facts about Premico’s journey. Did you know these 60 things about Premico?

  1. In 1963, Pertti Vaula founded his company ‘Turun Asuntovuokratoimisto, Pertti Vaula’.
  2. The company focuses on renting apartments in the Turku economic region.
  3. In 1995, Janne Vaula became the CEO of the family business.
  4. In 2009, Asuntoverstas Yhtiöt Oy was formed as the Vaula family and Samuel Tuomola merged their businesses.
  5. The acquisition with Taaleritehdas brought property investment expertise to Asuntoverstas.
  6. In 2009, Asuntoverstas established its first housing funds in collaboration with partners.
  7. The first Helsinki office was set up on Runeberginkatu in 2009.
  8. By 2014, a total of 6 funds had been established.
  9. The 365-environment was implemented in the same year.
  10. In 2016, Asuntoverstas acquired the business of Real Case, expanding its expertise in construction management.
  11. In 2016, Asuntoverstas rebranded as Premico.
  12. In 2016 the first domestic housing funds focusing on ARA construction were conceived.
  13. The same year, the company established its first housing fund.
  14. In 2020, Premico Construction Management was awarded the RALA ENVIRONMENT certification.
  15. In 2020, Premico relocated to ‘The First’ property on Aleksi 11 in the Helsinki city center.
  16. Jyrki Kaskinen was appointed as Premicon’s CEO in 2021.
  17. In 2022, Sami Kiehelä, the first non-family CEO, was chosen for the family business.
  18. In 2022, Premico introduced Finland’s first construction guidelines for residential apartment buildings based on BREEAM criteria.
  19. In 2022, Premicon received the first BREEAM certification during the design and construction phase for Asunto Oy Espoon Zeniitti.
  20. From support functions to Konspa: in 2022, the corporate services were named ‘Konsernipalvelut’ (familiarly known as Konspa).
  21. In 2023, Premico’s board members include Janne Vaula (Chairman), Samuel Tuomola, Juha Saarinen, and Jyrki Kaskinen.
  22. Premicon’s mission is to develop, innovate, and build a better life for people and the environment.
  23. The slogan ‘Courage to build successes’ promises pioneering achievements in a positive and industry-specific manner.
  24. In 2023, Premico’s business is divided into three areas: real estate investment management, construction management, and living.
  25. The members of Premico’s executive team in 2023 are Sami Kiehelä, Samuel Tuomola, Maija Kauppinen, Olli Partanen, Rami Sinnelä, and Markku Kainulainen.
  26. Markku Kainulainen is an expert in EU taxonomy related to construction.
  27. Strengths in construction management include comprehensive optimization of building technology and energy efficiency.
  28. In 2023, the construction management business received RALA’s quality and environmental certificates again.
  29. Over 90% of Premico’s housing production results in ‘zero-defect handovers’.
  30. The rental housing business includes apartment rentals, rental administration, maintenance management, and property administration.
  31. Strengths in rental housing involve market expertise, accurate pricing, long-term lease agreements, and efficient maintenance and energy management of properties.
  32. Samuel Tuomola leads the property investment business.
  33. In 2023, two out of Premico’s three funds are in the holding phase, and one is in the investment and fundraising phase.
  34. Premico is a member of the Finnish Real Estate Employers KITA Ry.
  35. In Premico, work is taken seriously, but oneself is not taken too seriously.
  36. Premico’s identity colors are black-white-yellow = licorice-feather-sun.
  37. Staff’s work ability and employer’s NPS score are measured at least three times a year.
  38. VELMU, the recreational committee, plays a crucial role in creating the ‘Premico spirit’.
  39. In 2023, VELMU organizes theatre nights, bingo and board game nights, Megazone laser tag games, kayaking in Töölönlahti, Padel trials, and Halloween after-parties.
  40. In 2023, four Premico employees turn 40.
  41. Premico’s staff loves sports!
  42. CEO Sami Kiehelä’s fitness age according to his sports watch is 20 years.
  43. The average age of employees is 43 years.
  44. The Yritysmaratonviesti (YMV) is an annual tradition.
  45. Premico’s daily operations are based on the company values of reliability, innovation, and value creation.
  46. The staff at Premico is competitive: Beer bong games are brought out at all parties, followed by ‘playful’ gaming sessions.
  47. The average length of employment is 4.6 years.
  48. Premico’s pension fund is managed by Varma.
  49. VELMU organizes ugly xmas sweater and gingerbread house building competitions.
  50. In 2023, the distribution of staff between women and men is 50%-50%
  51. The office coffee machines are actively used: nearly 80 kg of coffee beans are ordered throughout the year!
  52. To maintain alertness, the office always offers fruits, curd, porridge, or snack cookies.
  53. There are also three time machines in the office (at least according to children who have visited the office).
  54. Premico loves abbreviations and combinations of letters. PG, PM, PC, PAM, and PVA are actively used.
  55. The abbreviation EE has been used less since the office moved from Eteläesplanadi to Aleksi.
  56. Project manager Timo Vienonen, specializing in hotel projects, is better known as TiVi.
  57. Apartments in As Oy Helsingin Spektri in Kruunuvuorenranta will be available for application; residents can move in by February 2024.
  58. In November 2023, As Oy Turun Harppuuna Kippari celebrates its topping-out ceremony.
  59. At the end of 2023, As Oy Kokkovuori receives a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM certification in the implementation phase, scoring 60.4%!
  60. In 2023, Premico celebrates its 60th anniversary!