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Full-service construction management for all common types of properties and spaces

At Premico, we provide our customers with construction management services for new construction and renovation projects. We have executed new construction and renovation projects for residential, commercial, special-purpose, and retail properties, as well as building conversions in buildings of various ages. Our team also has specialized expertise in diverse new construction and renovation projects for hotels.

Energy efficiency goes hand in hand with our construction management projects. We are able to incorporate energy efficiency services into our projects, taking into account our clients’ goals and needs, regardless of the type of space. This can be done as part of a comprehensive construction management and project leadership service or as a separate service package.

We tailor our service package according to our clients’ specific needs. We can execute the entire construction project from start to finish or, alternatively, only a portion of it. Typically, we act as the project leader on behalf of the client, but we can also provide consultancy services in tendering, cost estimation, design management, supervision, or technical expertise.

The best results in a construction project are achieved when it is properly guided and managed by industry professionals and experts.

Our construction management has been granted RALA certification, as well as quality and environmental certifications

  • New construction management

    Our new construction management services cover the construction management of all common types of properties and spaces, including residential, commercial, special-purpose, hotel, and retail properties. New construction projects typically include the design and construction of completely new buildings or complexes, considering the clients’ goals and needs.

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  • Renovation construction management

    In the service package of construction project management for renovation, we focus on the repair, refurbishment, or change of use of existing buildings. Our services cover all common types of properties and spaces, ranging from residential properties to commercial, special-purpose, hotel, and retail properties.

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  • Hotel construction management

    The comprehensive service package for hotel construction management can include the renovation or refurbishment of an existing hotel property, the construction of an entirely new property, or a change in the intended use of an existing property.

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  • Other construction management services

    Energy efficiency in construction goes hand in hand with all our construction projects, aiming to improve the energy efficiency and financial return of properties.

    In construction project management and planning, 360-degree imaging offers versatile benefits both during the design and construction phases and in the assessment and documentation of the finished property.

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