Career at Premico

Career at Premico

We at Premico form together an expert organization of almost 50 real estate professionals. With backgrounds as experienced professionals in real estate, we have accumulated diverse experience in property investment, development, residential leasing, and property management. From our background, we are seasoned professionals in the real estate industry and have gathered diverse experience in property investment, development, residential leasing, and property management. Our educational backgrounds vary depending on roles, ranging from construction foremen to civil engineers, as well as degrees in real estate and business from universities and colleges. We prioritize relevant experience and suitability for the task in our personnel selections; while there are roles that require qualifications obtained from academic institutions, we also value life experience, career changers, and expertise gained through apprenticeships over the years. We maintain our professional competence by sharing knowledge acquired throughout the organization, conducting internal targeted training, and participating in ongoing further education alongside work commitments.

Immediate, collaborative, and flexible culture

Joining us means becoming part of a relaxed and straightforward culture and atmosphere with a low hierarchy. In the daily life of Premico employees, this is evident, for example, in the entire team, including the CEO and those responsible for business leadership, participating in the onboarding process of new employees. The team also spends leisure time together engaging in various hobbies. We excel in a flexible work routine with a hybrid model where work and personal life blend seamlessly. Based on the experiences of Premico employees, the promise of work-life balance holds true because we work by human, not machine, rules.

The best part of Premico is its spirit – we have a proactive and sensible team driven by the desire to do things well! It is important to us that there is room for individual personalities in our work environment, where each person’s contribution is valued, and we assist each other while working in a relaxed atmosphere. At present, several individuals work with us, starting from summer jobs, internships related to studies, or conducting their thesis. They have all become integral parts of our team, growing into industry experts, and eventually, collaboration has evolved into permanent employment.

Interested in working at Premico?

We don’t always have a predefined template for recruiting new members to our team. Therefore, we welcome hearing about your skills and attitude that you can bring to us. Whether you’re a future professional nearing the end of your studies or a seasoned expert in the field, please feel free to contact our HR and Operations Manager, Maija, whose contact details can be found below. We process all applications with adherence to good recruitment practices and trust.

Open positions

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    Are you interested in working with us, but there doesn’t seem to be a suitable position open at the moment? We’d love to hear from you! Send  Maija your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile. We’ll be in touch with you.

    Maija Kauppinen
    040 683 7887

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