Premico’s new office space – meticulously designed user experience and solutions for hybrid work

Premico’s new and more spacious office premises were completed at the beginning of the year in a historic landmark, Finland’s first concrete-structured commercial building on Aleksanterinkatu in Helsinki. In an era where work is increasingly conducted irrespective of location, particular attention has been given to space planning that enables hybrid work solutions and enhances the user experience.

In this new work setting, the office is expected to play an even more significant role as a facilitator of community and creator of employee experiences. Premico’s minimalist office concept is based on the experiences of Premico employees and our collaborating partners who visit the office. A welcoming lobby, spacious and cozy lounge areas, as well as tranquil workspaces, provide high-quality settings for meetings and work activities.

Employees working in the office can choose from versatile spatial solutions according to their work situations. Dedicated areas have been designed for team collaborations or tasks requiring concentration. Well-equipped meeting spaces facilitate high-quality remote meetings even post-pandemic, allowing every Premico team member to participate equally in meetings regardless of their location in this hybrid work environment.

The selection of materials in the office design is based on high quality, longevity, and eco-friendliness. Wooden elements in the furniture and storage solutions, extending to the vaulted hallway in the lobby, are crafted by a local carpenter. Responsible choices have been made, including the utilization of recycled materials, such as in the office’s carpeting and acoustic solutions. Beyond the functionality of user experience and spatial solutions, the office premises were designed to represent Premico’s expertise and professional image within the real estate industry.

“Our office spaces now exude the expertise in the real estate industry that our nearly 50-member organization represents. We hope to soon invite our partners safely into our new premises,” commented Premico’s CEO Janne Vaula.

Premico’s New Office Space: Aleksanterinkatu 11, 4th floor, 00100 Helsinki

  • Construction and building supervision of premises: Premico Consulting Oy
  • Interior design of premises: Mint & More Creative Oy
  • Photos: Esa Kapila