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Comprehensive property management services for professional real estate investors

At Premico, we offer a comprehensive rental housing service package for professional real estate investors. Our services cover everything from renting and rental administration of properties, to managing technical maintenance, financials and asset administration. We supervise the entire lifecycle of the property, aiming to increase its value sustainably and responsibly.

Our market knowledge, appropriate pricing, long-term lease agreements, proper maintenance, and energy efficiency management, as well as ensuring comfort and services for residents, contribute to increasing the value of properties.

We tailor our service package according to our clients’ needs. We can provide services such as rental and rental administration only, or we can comprehensively manage your property under the full-service principle.

Achieve the best returns and value for your property by making sure it is managed correctly by industry professionals and experts.


Why choose us

Serving professional real estate investors is at the core of all our operations. We provide comprehensive expertise in property management, serving both domestic and significant international partners, with the goal of increasing property value.

Detailed description of our services

  • Rental service

    Our rental service aims to achieve the best, stable, and market-priced rental income for our clients. Developing rental income plays a key role in increasing the value of a real estate portfolio. We assist in determining the appropriate rent based on our market knowledge. We take care of the entire rental process, from marketing the properties to tenant selection and lease agreements. Our rental services are carried out professionally and transparently, following good rental practices. Our customer service supports tenants throughout the rental process and their residency.

  • Rental administration and property financial management services

    With our rental administration and property financial management services, we take care of tasks related to rent control and financial management. Professional implementation of property financial management ensures the property’s economic efficiency, stable rental income, cost control, and lawful and reliable operation.

  • Property maintenance management

    Managing property maintenance is a comprehensive process that requires good planning, resource management, supervision, and collaboration among various stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure efficient operation, good condition of the property, and preservation as well as growth of property value according to the owner’s strategy. 

  • Resident experience management

    Developing resident experience plays a crucial role in maintaining rental occupancy rates. Our aim is to enhance and promote resident satisfaction and well-being in the property. We serve property residents in all matters related to the property and living throughout their residency.

  • Multidirectional communication

    Through multidirectional communication, we ensure timely flow of information to both residents and property owners. If needed, we also take care of reporting to authorities and financiers on behalf of the property owner.

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