Employee story: Housing Inspector Anni

Anni Havukainen works as a housing inspector at Premico. Read about what Anni’s job entails, the qualities and skills required for success in her role.

What is your role at Premico?

As a housing inspector, I conduct move-in and eviction inspections for rental apartments. The aim of the inspections is to maintain the condition of the apartments and ensure their habitability. In my role, I utilize and manage property management systems.

What inspires and motivates you? What qualities and skills does your job require?

Best part of my job is the opportunity to work independently alongside a team. Learning new things and collaborating with experts from various fields is inspiring.

The role of a housing inspector requires a responsible and independent work approach, as well as good stress management, organizational, and problem-solving skills. Good communication and negotiation skills, along with a positive customer service attitude, are also important qualities.

What is the best thing about Premico, or what sets it apart from others?

The best part about working at Premico is the people with whom I get to collaborate. I value the broad expertise that characterizes the Premico team.

What does the “Premico spirit” mean to you?

The spirit of Premico means respect and kindness towards all colleagues. Support is given and received with an open-door policy.

Anni Havukainen
Housing inspector
029 007 5050

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