Data protection

Use of personal data by the Premico Group

Processing of personal data by Premico Group and its related subsidiaries (hereinafter “Premico”) is necessary for Premico’s operations in property development, construction project management, housign management, leasing services and rental management, and is based on customer relationships, other relevant relationships and/or customer consent. Among the purposes for which personal data is used are customer relationship management, customer satisfaction surveys and other research, communicating with customers, upkeep and maintenance work on homes, and marketing of homes and direct marketing. Premico pays particular attention to customer privacy and personal data protection,and adheres to best practices in data processing.

Personal data is primarily collected from the customer himself or herself. Personal data is also collected from other sources, such as the credit register of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and the population information system of the Population Register Centre. Premico may also collect data from the devices of visitors to its websites using cookies and similar technologies. As a rule, personal data that is collected will not be transferred to any party outside of Premico, except in situations involving a change of ownership of the dwelling.

According to the GDPR, every person has the right to check what information about them is stored in a data register. These requests for inspection cannot be made by telephone – they must be made in writing and signed by the data subject himself or herself. Written requests for inspecting your own personal data should be posted to Premico Group Oy / data register matters, Aleksanterinkatu 11, FI-00100 Helsinki. When submitting a request to inspect your personal data, please indicate your name, address and personal identity code, and the scope of your request, i.e. whether you want to check for a particular item of personal data, or all the personal data, or data for a specific period of time.

Every customer has the right to inspect the data relating to him or her that is stored in Premico’s personal data register, and also has the right to demand correction, destruction or supplementation of any information about him or her that is incorrect, outdated, deficient or unnecessary. Written demands with regard to your own personal data should be posted to Premico Group Oy / register matters, Aleksanterinkatu 11, FI-00100 Helsinki.

For more information on processing of personal data, please refer to the description of the data register relating to Premico’s customer relationships and other relevant matters:

Privacy statement of the company’s customer and supplier register

Privacy statement of the company’s lease appilcant register