Employee story: customer service specialist Iina

Iina works as a Customer Service Specialist at Premico. What excites her about the role is its variety and the joy of solving customers’ tricky questions. Read on to find out what skills and qualities Iina’s job requires.

What is your role at Premico?

Above all, it’s diverse and interesting! I am the latest addition to the customer service & business support team and work as a customer service specialist, also assisting with rentals when needed. In customer service, we primarily respond to residents’ questions, but our team also supports rental service, rental administration and property maintenance – so there’s plenty to learn and the learning never stops.

What inspires and motivates you? What qualities and skills does your job require?

The most exciting aspect of my current role is its variety. I find answers to residents’ sometimes tricky questions, arrange apartment viewings, and meet with both applicants and residents.

Continuous learning, self-improvement, and collaboration skills are essential. I also dare to say that my meticulous nature is beneficial when checking contract terms and informing residents.

Many residents imagine that the questions they ask are too time-consuming for us, but that’s not the case at all! I believe I speak for the entire customer service team when I say that we are happy to tackle even the more challenging issues. It’s a joy to help – and you constantly learn new things yourself in the process!

What is the best thing about Premico, or what sets it apart from others?

At Premico, expertise is valued, and best of all, it’s openly acknowledged! It’s great that colleagues are supported and praised openly.

What does the “Premico spirit” mean to you?

The Premico spirit is evident in teamwork. It has been easy to join this group of top professionals because everyone is ready to share their advice and expertise.

Iina Helenius

Customer service specialist
029 007 5050

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