Employee story: Junior Analyst Oliver

Oliver Kolari works as a Junior Analyst at Premico. Read Oliver’s thoughts on his work; what skills it requires, what motivates him, and what is the best part of the job!

Työntekijäesittelyssä junior analyst Oliver

What is your role at Premico?

I work at Premico as a Junior Analyst. My responsibilities include various administrative tasks related to fund management, such as financial calculations, cash management, and the production of presentation materials. I also conduct cash flow and profitability analyses for the fund’s current and future assets. Currently, I’m pursuing a degree in business at Aalto University with a major in finance, and at Premico, I’ve had the opportunity to apply the skills I’ve learned in school to the operations of real estate funds.

What  inspires and motivates you? What qualities and skills does your job require?

The best part of my job is the diversity of tasks and the continuous learning opportunities. At Premico, I’ve gained a comprehensive overview of private equity fund operations right from the start, and my level of responsibility has grown as my skills have developed. In the real estate investment team, I’m particularly motivated by my colleagues’ strong expertise and our multi-faceted approach to real estate investment. The qualities and skills required for my job include strong proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint, attention to detail and accuracy, as well as a proactive approach to work. A genuine interest in the real estate market has also been instrumental in understanding the industry’s general principles and, thus, supporting success in my role.

What is the best thing about Premico, or what sets it apart from others?

In addition to real estate investment, Premico possesses expertise in construction and rental housing, making us a unique and robust player despite our relatively small size. The best aspect of Premico is undoubtedly the low barriers between teams and the cheerful atmosphere every time you step into the office.

What does the “Premico spirit” mean to you?

The Premico spirit is definitely tied to the fact that each of us shares the same goals for business development and constantly strives to enhance our own expertise. I particularly appreciate our approach of getting the job done with 100% efficiency and then enjoying the results achieved together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Oliver Kolari

Junior Analyst
+358 50 9111 663