Employee story: Jenni and Olli, with over 10 years of career at Premico

Jenni Saarinen works as a team manager in customer service, and Olli Partanen serves as the business unit director for rental housing. Both have accumulated over 10 years of work experience at Premico. Find out why they enjoy working at Premico, what inspires them in their work today, and what sets Premico apart from other employers!

What is your role at Premico?

Jenni: I started 10 years ago as a rental agent in Turku. Over the years, roles, colleagues, and clients have changed, but my enthusiasm for the real estate industry has remained. Nowadays, my role is as a team manager in the fantastic team supporting customer service and business operations. Alongside frontline customer service, we also support other teams in various tasks, enabling them to focus on their core competencies.

Olli: I started at Premico almost 11 years ago as a licensed leasing agent. During the interview, it was advertised that workdays would be diverse, and this has truly held true. Over the years, more responsibilities have come my way. Today, I work as the business unit director for Living. My days consist of various meetings and tasks related to managing everyday aspects of rental housing. A significant part of my work involves supporting team leaders in their roles and collaborating with the management team. I feel that my previous work experience in the banking sector has been beneficial for my current responsibilities in property management.

What inspires and motivates you?

Jenni: In my current role, it’s been inspiring to build everyday life, community, and good practices within a new team, in a way that genuinely serves the entire rental housing business. Our team supports rental, rental management, and property management, and above all, we handle residents’ tricky questions. Additionally, there’s variety in the day-to-day work through different system administrator tasks.

Olli: The job allows for a comprehensive view of how Premico’s various business operations interconnect to serve the entire life cycle of properties. In my role, I’ve delved into the fundamentals of basic management from the perspective of our own business. I’m exploring new territory in leadership management. Particularly inspiring is the opportunity to work alongside my skilled team leaders. I am also fortunate to have my own supervisor who supports, coaches, and challenges my way of thinking.

What is the best thing about Premico, or what sets it apart from others?

Jenni: Personally, the most important thing is flexibility and humanity. Balancing other aspects of life is possible, and there’s flexibility when needed from both sides. Of course, at Premico, we also have the best team together, with whom we boldly look forward.

Olli: At Premico, there’s a genuine passion for real estate. Work is done with a high work ethic, efforts are put into assignments, and everyone has a strong desire to do things better. I also appreciate that the organization has a very flat hierarchy.

What does the “Premico spirit” mean to you?

Jenni: The spirit of Premico, to me, is evident in the way everyone, regardless of who you meet in the office, greets each other with joy and equality. Colleagues are ready to help each other, and a shared sense of humor carries us through even the toughest situations.

Olli: At Premico, work is taken seriously, but there’s always a twinkle in the eye. There’s a genuine care at Premico as well. A great example of this recently happened in the office when a member of the board, upon arriving, wanted to go greet a new employee personally and warmly welcomed them, holding their hand, into the company.

Jenni Saarinen
Team manager, customer service & support
+358 029 170 1969

Olli Partanen
Business unit director, Living
+358 44 091 5508