Premico’s third housing fund has signed the international Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment

The signatories of the Net Zero Carbon Building commitment aim for carbon-neutral construction in addition to carbon-neutral energy use. The international commitment is backed by significant entities such as the C40 city network, the World Green Building Council and The Climate Group. Premico’s third housing fund is the seventh Finnish signatory to the commitment.

The signed, public commitment not only shows the recognized urgency of the matter, it is also a significant opportunity for the signatories to raise the target level of the entire industry one step higher.

The Net Zero Carbon Building commitment requires that by 2030:

  • The properties in use are very energy efficient, and mainly use renewable energy.
  • Climate emissions caused by refrigerant leaks are also taken into account.
  • Product-related emissions generated before use of new construction and extensive renovations are reduced as much as possible.
  • Emissions that cannot be reduced are compensated.

In practice, signatories report and verify

  • Energy consumption, energy efficiency improvements and reduced emissions of their properties and progress towards a zero-carbon portfolio.
  • Product-related emissions are calculated for the entire life cycle either in accordance with the EN15978 standard or another approved national standard. In addition, the compensations, which aim for the zero carbon of the entire portfolio are reported.

Premico’s third housing fund, Premico Residential Fund III, is building approximately 1,700 new residential apartments by 2025, mainly in the Finnish capital region. The fund is committed to the carbon neutrality of its residential properties in terms of energy use during operation, and also to reducing the carbon footprint during the construction phase of the properties. All the developments in the fund will have energy efficiency class A, a BREEAM or a LEED certificate and they will comply with the new construction criteria of the EU taxonomy. Joining the The World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment) is a natural step for Premico Residential Fund III, as it complies with the Fund’s values and goals perfectly.

Previous Finnish signatories of the Net Zero Carbon Building commitment are Ylva, Antilooppi and One Click LCA Ltd, LähiTapiola Kiinteistövarainhoito, Technopolis and Avara, which is signed the agreement simultaneously with Premico’s third housing fund. The content of the commitment and all its signatories can be seen on the website of World Green Building Council Finland.

Further information:

Samuel Tuomola
CIO, Premico
+358 50 566 6111