Employee story: Finance and Project Specialist Terhi

Terhi Pakkanen works in the role of finance and project specialist at Premico. Read about Terhi’s responsibilities, the qualities beneficial for carrying out her tasks, and what Terhi considers the best part of her job.

What is your role at Premico?

I work at Premico as a finance and project specialist. My responsibilities include managing the group’s sales and purchase ledgers, as well as providing support to the Construction Management– and Living project teams. Being the main user of various systems is also within my scope of responsibilities. My workdays are filled with routine tasks related to ledgers, and I find enjoyable variety in tasks such as investigating different projects and providing guidance on system usage.

What  inspires and motivates you? What qualities and skills does your job require?

Working independently, where I am responsible for my designated area, is crucial and fulfilling for me. It requires good self-management skills to keep the calendar running smoothly. Collaboration skills and flexibility are also necessary as I work with teams from different business functions. It’s always a joy when I successfully solve unexpected questions among colleagues!
Continuous learning and staying up-to-date are important aspects of my role. A great example of this is billing automation, where we aim to optimize work and reduce repetitive tasks.

What is the best thing about Premico, or what sets it apart from others?

It’s wonderful to be able to trust in the professionalism of my colleagues. The best part is being involved in various aspects and closely observing the operations of different business functions.

What does the “Premico spirit” mean to you?

The Spirit of Premico, to me, signifies teamwork and mutual support even in challenging situations. We are a house full of top-notch professionals!

Terhi Pakkanen
Finance and project specialist
+358 44 711 6722

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