Premico’s quarterly transaction volume peaks at all-time high of 413million euros

Premico – a real estate investment company based in Finland specializing in residential assets – achieved a transaction volume of € 413 million in the first quarter of 2022, the highest quarterly volume in the company’s history. Transactions were made through Premico’s funds and joint ventures involving acquisitions and sales of approximately 2600 apartments in Finnish growth centres.

Samuel Tuomola, partner and CIO of Premico commented: “The Finnish economy has reached full recovery in output and Finland’s housing market continues to strengthen despite the pandemic. The return to normal, the lifting of restrictive measures and the temporary dip in real estate sales will boost demand for rental homes. Russia’s attack on Ukraine will keep inflation at a higher-than-forecast level this year and will raise questions in the short term, but the basic fundamentals of why-to-invest-in-Finnish-residential remain unchanged. We expect Finnish residential to be a safe haven for investors also in the future”


Premico is a real estate investment, development and management company specializing in residential assets with an emphasis on decarbonizing the residential sector and constructing affordable multifamily properties ensuring comfortable housing for all.

The company has two business segments: private equity funds investing into residential assets, and a service business comprising asset management services, real estate development, construction project management and property management together with leasing services. Premico is managing ca. 6000 rental apartments in Finnish growth centres through its funds and co-investments. The company currently employees more than 50 real estate specialists.


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