Premico acted as the construction consultant for Citycon’s rental apartments in the urban center Lippulaiva

Citycon’s first self-built rental apartments were completed in connection with the urban center Lippulaiva in December 2022. Premico, the construction management organization, acted as the project’s construction consultant, representing Citycon in the construction project. In this challenging hybrid project, the phases of constructing residential towers had to be coordinated with the construction projects of the shopping center, the Länsimetro subway line, and the Espoonlahti bus terminal.

Premico toimi Cityconin kaupunkikeskus Lippulaivan vuokra-asuntojen rakennuttajakonsulttina. Havainnekuva hankkeesta. Kuva: Citycon

Illustration of the project. Image: Citycon.

The collaboration between Premico and Citycon commenced in October 2019, when the construction project of the Lippulaiva urban center was already underway. Four residential towers of high-quality rental apartments were planned to be built atop Lippulaiva. It was a so-called hybrid project, integrating the technical solutions and construction phases of the shopping center, residential towers, Länsimetro subway, and Espoonlahti bus terminal.

The tasks of Premicon’s specialized team in housing included guiding the residential tower designs, contractor bidding processes, construction management, and technical and HVAC supervision during the building works.

“Coordinating the concurrent construction projects in the same location demanded exceptional precision, was labor-intensive, and, on the other hand, crucial for the success of the project,” described Mika Pelander, the project manager at Premicon responsible for design guidance and construction during the project.

Rental apartments ready for move-in at the turn of 2022-23

The structural work for the residential towers was completed as the shopping center opened in April 2022. The first apartments were move-in ready by the end of 2022 when the metro started operating. The towers, divided into three housing companies, rise from 5 to 14 stories above the shopping center’s rooftop. Housing companies named Lippulaivan Loiste, Lippulaivan Lysti, and Lippulaivan Luoto share a common residential courtyard on top of the urban center’s rooftop. Direct access to the services of the Lippulaiva shopping center is available from two parking levels beneath the rooftop courtyard. In all buildings, residents have access to shared sauna and club facilities on the top floors with sea views.

“In this challenging hybrid construction and the coordination of different project schedules and contract boundaries, there was a lot of work in this project as a whole. Premico facilitated the smooth progress of the project through skilled consulting, guidance, and supervision, resulting in 275 splendid and modern homes at Lippulaiva,” commented Katriina Penttinen, Development Director at Citycon Oyj, the client.

Premico’s and Citycon’s collaboration for the new residential units at Lippulaiva continued during the previous project. Premico was chosen to represent Citycon in the design guidance and preparation of bidding plans for the last two residential towers rising above the shopping center.