Property development

Cultivating value for property owners

We offer end-to-end services for property development, and our number one goal is to ensure growth for property owners.

The Premico way of doing things is guided by this principle, and all investments are based on the target returns and values of our client.

We tailor our services to fit our clients’ needs – whether that’s taking care of the entire development and construction project, or just selected parts.

  • Property development and conversions

    The return on your property investment may no longer match your expectations. We create a project framework that takes the different possibilities, boundaries and goals into account – and based on this we act. We know that staying on budget is essential to reaching your target return; that’s why we forecast our costs efficiently.

  • City planning development

    We’ll work with you to raise the value of your development sites in accordance with your investment strategy. We’re also experienced in projects with multiple owners.

  • RS sites

    We have long-term experience and a profound knowledge of the Finnish property market. In addition to technical construction know-how, we’re also well-versed in the sale and marketing of development projects in the Finnish RS system.

  • Residential rental properties for real estate investors

    Thanks to our experience in managing real estate investments and rentals, we have a unique perspective on the leasing market – and know what to build and where. Since 2010, we’ve been involved in the construction of over 1,800 residential rental units in southern Finland.

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