Services for new construction and renovation

Cooperation and reaching our client’s goals are the cornerstones of our projects. We’ve completed modernisation, renovation and repurposing projects for residential, office, commercial, hospitality and other speciality properties.

During the years 2018-2020, we have built and renovated housing projects of more than 50,000 m². At the same time, we have implemented more than 100 office, hotel, commercial real estate and other special use projects.

Our clients include institutional investors, property investment funds, building management communities, housing associations, private investors and the public sector.

We offer end-to-end services for property development, and our number one goal is to ensure growth for property owners. We tailor our services to fit our clients’ needs – whether that’s taking care of the entire development and construction project, or just selected parts.

  • New residential construction

    Our service package covers planning control, project management and construction technical supervision. We have strong expertise in building projects for both ARA- and Non-subsidised projects. Our team also has special expertise in BREEAM-certified construction.

  • Business premises

    We implement office, business space and other special property projects taking into account the user’s needs and the property owner’s goals. Together with the client we set the boundary conditions for the project, which consist of the user’s needs for space, the limits set by the structures, technical systems and the condition of the property, and the financial point of view. We have experience ranging from face-lift projects of smaller premises to renovation projects of large store complexes and entire shopping centers.

  • Hotel construction projects

    We’ve developed an approach to hotel construction where all agreements and cost sharing between the property owner and the operator are managed in a transparent manner. These challenging projects require capable cost supervision and schedule leadership –and in this field we excel. Our hotel team also has expertise in the property management duties of hotel properties.

  • City planning and property development, conversions

    We’ll work with you to raise the value of your development sites in accordance with your investment strategy. We’re also experienced in projects with multiple owners.

    The return on your property investment may no longer match your expectations. We create a project framework that takes the different possibilities, boundaries and goals into account – and based on this we act. We know that staying on budget is essential to reaching your target return; that’s why we forecast our costs efficiently.

  • Renovation project management

    Our service package covers the planning of renovations, project management, construction technical supervision and comprehensive project management, including a deep understanding of the project’s costs and implementation options. Our renovation construction team has strong expertise in building technology: our HVAC, automation and energy expertise is top-notch. Our renovation projects are mainly residential properties, but we also carry out renovation and construction projects for other types of premises.

  • Residential rental properties for real estate investors

  • RS sites

    We have long-term experience and a profound knowledge of the Finnish property market. In addition to technical construction know-how, we’re also well-versed in the sale and marketing of development projects in the Finnish RS system.

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