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Energy efficiency in construction management

Energy efficiency is an integral part of all our construction projects, aiming to improve the energy efficiency and financial return of properties.

We are able to incorporate energy efficiency services into all construction projects, either as part of other construction services or as a separate service.

  • Initially, we assess the energy efficiency of existing building services and explore the possibilities for their maximum utilization.
  • Then we examine how different systems can be optimally integrated, utilizing both new and existing elements when necessary.
  • We also take care of identifying partners, issuing requests for proposals, and selecting service providers.
  • The service covers all stages of construction, from design management to project management and construction supervision, from the perspective of the property’s energy efficiency. The service package is customizable.

Why choose us:

  • Extensive expertise in property energy efficiency and project management
  • Our operations are guided by sustainable development and previous experience in ensuring the interests of property owners from a return perspective
  • Always aiming to improve the energy efficiency and return of properties.



Efficiency and Quality in Construction Project Management with 360-degree Imaging

360-degree imaging offers versatile advantages in both the planning and construction phases, as well as in the evaluation and documentation of completed projects.

1. Planning Phase

  • Space Optimization: 360-degree imaging enables understanding space utilization from various perspectives. This aids designers and architects in optimizing space usage and layout even before the actual construction begins.
  • Virtual Tours: Project stakeholders can utilize 360-degree images to create virtual tours, allowing real-time exploration of spaces and gaining a better understanding of the end result.

2. Construction Phase

  • Quality Control: 360-degree imaging can be utilized for quality control to ensure that construction progresses as planned and with high quality. Potential errors and deficiencies can be detected early and corrected before they cause significant issues.
  • Documentation: Each construction phase can be accurately recorded with 360-degree imaging, facilitating project documentation and tracking of any changes later on.

3. Evaluation of Completed Projects

  • Examination and Assessment: 360-degree imaging of completed projects allows examination and assessment from various perspectives. This facilitates property evaluation before handover or sale, for example.
  • Marketing: High-quality 360-degree images can also serve as effective marketing material. Potential buyers or tenants can explore the property without the need for a physical visit.


  • Enables viewing of the target and spaces without physical visits
  • Reduces the need for site visits, saving costs
  • You perceive the entire space from the image without anything missing
  • Provides the opportunity to go back in time and see where we started from
  • You only pay for the imaging work and a fixed cost for cloud services during the project period.

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