Premico Whistleblower-channel

Through Premico’s Whistleblower channel in accordance with the EU Whistleblower Directive, you can leave direct feedback on shortcomings detected in our operations that would be important to address. Our channel allows anonymous reporting.  

Once you have submitted a report of abuse, the system will provide you with a link to follow the processing of the report and to respond to any requests for additional information from our Whistleblower team. Please store the link carefully, as due to whistleblower protection we are unable to return or renew it. We will send you an acknowledgement of receipt within seven days of receiving the notification. 

What types of abuse can I report? 

Whistleblower protection applies to reports concerning public procurement, financial services, money laundering and prevention of terrorist financing, product safety, transport safety, environmental protection, nuclear safety, food and feed safety, animal health and welfare, public health, consumer protection, protection of privacy and personal data, and security of network and information systems. 

We also expanded our reporting channel to process ethical reports, and it can be used to report activities related to inappropriate treatment and harassment, as well as activities that violate equality and non-discrimination, for example. 

Please note that feedback related to rental housing, property management or customer service is not covered by the directive. Kindly contact our customer service for further information related these matters: Yhteystietomme – Premico Kodit  

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