Project Management

Services for new construction and renovation

Cooperation and reaching our client’s goals are the cornerstones of our projects. We’ve completed modernisation, renovation and repurposing projects for residential, office, commercial, hospitality and other speciality properties.

Our clients include institutional investors, property investment funds, building management communities, housing associations, private investors and the public sector.


  • New residential construction

    Between 2013 and 2018, we’ve been involved in the construction of over 2,400 rental units in southern Finland. Our methodology is guided by considering the entire lifecycle of the building. All of our projects benefit from our renovation construction experience; once the construction phase is complete, we can offer our expertise with the technical management of the building.

  • Building repair for housing associations

    Our principal goal is to ensure growth for property owners. Whether doing partial renovation or looking to repair the entire building, we work in a way that ensures your cash flow is not impacted. As a result of this philosophy and practice we’ve received excellent feedback from both residents and property owners. We’re also an approved framework agreement supplier for the public sector.

  • Hotel construction projects

    We’ve developed an approach to hotel construction where all agreements and cost sharing between the property owner and the operator are managed in a transparent manner. These challenging projects require capable cost supervision and schedule leadership –and in this field we excel.

  • Renovation and repair for office buildings

    We implement renovation and repair projects based on the needs of the users and the property owner. We have expertise in cost and responsibility management, and we understand what makes a great space work. Together with the user and the property owner, we agree on a project framework that consists of the space requirements of the users, as well as the constraints set by structures, technical systems, the property’s condition as well as financial considerations.

  • Renovation of commercial spaces and shopping centres

    Whether looking to do a face-lift for a smaller shop, constructing new store concepts or taking on the redevelopment of an entire shopping centre, our expertise ensures that the result is fresh, attractive and fit for your purposes.

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